Freeing Unconditional Love

Unchaining Your True Self


Quotes Susan Marion's concepts saved my life. After my ten year marriage came to an end and my father passed away within a few days of each other, I was searching for a way to cope that would help me understand and relieve my pain. Susan's book helped me to understand that the answer to my problems was not in shutting down my feelings, but to finally feel them in a safe way. I've always considered myself a loving person so I was most afraid of losing my heart and my willingness to love again. Susan's book helped me see that love was not the problem, it was the solution. Quotes
Melissa Mullin
Tucson, Arizona

Quotes Susan Marion speaks from her heart! Freeing Unconditional Love: Unchaining Your True Self, is a MUST read for everyone! Her in-depth discussion of all those little [or big] head voices everyone has is enlightening, inspiring, and motivating. Her "system" for healing yourself from the inside out is so easy anyone can do it. the best part is that once you put this system to use for yourself, you will reap benefits beyond anything you might have anticipated. Your life will be more joyous, healthy and free. Susan's book offers the reader a chance for personal freedom; a chance to break from the limiting parameters so many of us have erected around our minds, hearts, souls and lives. My recommendation: READ IT NOW! and then put the action steps into place in YOUR life, step back and watch what happens! Enjoy! Quotes
Barb Legan, Sedona, Arizona

Quotes For the first time in maybe forever, I am going to be and relishing the thought of what my new ?companion? may discover tomorrow? I know, not free yet, or whole, but I am soooo much better than yesterday or the day before. Susan gave me a tool that might possibly have given me a new lease on life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Quotes
Paula Kiwala, Bunnell, Florida

Quotes Susan brings a feeling of renewal, even if in that renewal we must go through the pain, it's what most of us hide and she lays it all on the line in an honest and genuine way that is not overlooked by a sincere heart. I relate to that, people relate to that. Books like this open portholes of thought. Thought that easily brings in the light of a shared perspective or understanding that can CHANGE lives. This book made me want to uncover my own demons of childhood and look them square in the eye for how they might impede my adult progress and limit my potential. Quotes
Mona McPherson, Palm Coast, Florida